Day 260 Sticky Back Plastic

I’ve covered so many books in sticky back plastic, and it’s only the third week back at school. It’s not even for my own books; I use loose leaf paper and ring binders. No, being the lovely sister that I am, I took it upon myself to wrap every single one of my sister’s exercise books. I consider myself to be a sort of expert on sticky back plastic now.

There are three ways you can cover an exercise book: sticky back plastic, plastic book cover, or not at all. As with everything, there are pros and cons for every option.

Pros of sticky back plastic:

It looks neat

Sticky back plastic comes in long rolls

It’s not as sticky as you think (as in it won’t stick to other stuff)

Cons of sticky back plastic:

It’s more difficult to wrap A4 books than A5 books

It won’t look neat if there are bubbles

Pros of plastic book covers:

It’s so easy to slip in the book

You can slip extra paper into the flaps

Cons of plastic book covers:

They’re expensive

They may rip, forcing you to buy new ones

Pros of not covering books:

You don’t have to do anything

It’s free

Cons of not covering books:

Your books will easily get tatty

It’s easier for the book to rip

Personally, I enjoy wrapping books in sticky back plastic. Anyone else want to form a Sticky Back Plastic Fan Club with me? 😉


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