Day 264 Nostalgic At The Ripe Old Age of… 17?

Yesterday, I joined the lower years for an assembly at school. As they were all filing in and settling down, one of the teachers put on a song to keep the ones who were already sitting down occupied. The Year 9s at the back of the hall began singing along and waving their arms along to the music. This spread like wildfire to the front of the hall, and before you knew it, the entire hall was standing up, singing and dancing along to the music like there was no tomorrow.

As I was watching them, I thought, “I’m in Year 13 now. Come next year, and I’ll never experience this ever again.”

This brought tears to my eyes, probably because I was feeling a bit wobbly to begin with. Thankfully, I managed to stop before embarrassing myself. Thank God I had a cold so I had a legit excuse for blowing my nose and swiping at my eyes. Does anyone else feel like this when they see the younger students doing what you used to do?


One thought on “Day 264 Nostalgic At The Ripe Old Age of… 17?

  1. Absolutely! My secondary school years were awesome and although I love my life at uni, I will always miss those special teenage years 🙂

    But don’t worry I’m sure we’ll have plenty of amazing things soon to come that we can be nostalgic about later on in life!

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