Day 273 Lego Cuusoo

I remember being in nursery and never being able to resist the Lego bricks (and the sandpit, of course!). I just found this website called Lego Cuusoo, which is kind of like a Kickstarter for Lego projects. Yahoo called it ‘Brickstarter’, which is pretty witty. I’m seriously in awe of other people’s projects, and am slightly jealous that they’re so talented with Lego. All I can manage to make is a basic house thing with a misshapen roof.

Idea Image

Medieval Market Street by AlexP

Idea Image

Lego Single Lens Reflex Camera by suzuki

Idea Image

Model of Hogwarts Castle by Scorpius

Idea Image

Japanese Old Style Architecture by taxon55

Idea Image

Sherlock by flailx


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