Day 275 Get Revising Study Planner

Get Revising, part of The Student Room Group, emailed me today about their new study planner. I used their Revision Timetable (which was a godsend) last year to help me plan out my exam revision sessions, and I found it pretty helpful. Intrigued, I tried out their new study planner, but the experience left me feeling slightly disappointed.

The process starts off asking for your subjects and exam boards, so you can add your exams to the calendar. They then ask you to prioritise your most difficult subjects and when you’re available to study, using that to calculate your study sessions. Afterwards, you can add in deadlines, commitments, and other exams. So far, so good… until I realised that they’d scheduled a homework session for 06:00 this Friday, when said piece of homework is due on the same day in my first lesson. Is it just me that finds this strange? We’re constantly being told not to leave homework until the last minute, yet it seems that Get Revising doesn’t really get that. And homework due for next week? Get Revising’s solution: Do it at 06:00 in the morning!

Okay, the 06:00 thing’s my fault. I stupidly selected 06:00 when they asked when I was able to begin studying. Now that I’ve changed it though, they’ve ignored the fact that I need time to actually do the pieces of homework due this Friday, and they’ve left next Wednesday’s homework to the Monday and Tuesday evening slots. Like, hello, there’s a whole weekend for me to do it. I guess I could manually change the sessions around, but the whole point (for me,anyway) of using the study planner was so that I didn’t have to spend so much time planning when to study, and actually have time to study more.

My verdict? I think I’ll stick to (mostly) doing my homework on the day it was set. I’ve been doing this since the start of term, and so far, it’s worked pretty damned well. Much better than waking up at the ungodly hour of 06:00. Who even does that? Actually, I do know a girl who gets up at 06:00 every day without fail to study, but I need my sleep.

P.S. That was a pretty long strikethrough, wasn’t it? Sorry about that!

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