Day 276 My Inner Percy Weasley

On my way home from school today, I was unfortunate enough to stand next to a large group of Year 8 girls. The more I eavesdropped on their conversation (I have no shame), the more I despaired. Instead of enjoying their journey home quietly, the girls chose to be as loud as possible. All I could think about was whether a member of public would contact the school in irritation (I’m not being overly dramatic. It’s happened before, which is pretty shameful). They were swearing loudly, and talking about beating up boys from a nearby school.

I had my prefect badge on, and really wanted to tell them to watch their language and basically shut the hell up before they embarrassed themselves (and our school) further. Unfortunately, I couldn’t bring myself to actually do it, for two reasons. One reason was that I didn’t want to sound up myself and pompous, and the second was that I have a sister in Year 9, who’s based at the lower school site with Year 8 and Year 7, and I didn’t want them recognising her and glaring at her, because of me, every time they passed her in the hallways.

So instead of telling them off, my inner Percy Weasley seethed. I’m still mad at myself for not doing what I thought was the right thing, and for standing by and letting them carry on act like idiots. L


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