Day 277 Friday Lust List: Catching The Light (Sequin Tops)

I was on the bus one fine sunny day, and something caught my eye. Tons of sparkly dots covered the panel across from me, moving as the bus moved. It was then that I had an Einstein moment: I looked down at my t-shirt, and sure enough, the sequinned flower embellished on it was catching the light from the sun. It’s one of my favourite tops to wear when it’s sunny, simply because of its ability to sparkle!

The images of the tops below belong to B+AB, Rosa von Schmaus, Mango, French Connection, and Markus Lupfer respectively.


B+AB I.T Hello Kitty Knitted Jumper £70.00


Rosa von Schmaus Mickey Dune Beige Cashmere Sweater with Sequins £228.26


Mango Typographic Sequinned Sweatshirt in Medium Grey £34.99


French Connection Bulldog Sequin Sweater £101.56


Markus Lupfer Embellished Deer Jumper £310.00


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