Day 280 It’s My 18th Birthday!

It’s my birthday today! I’ve been wished a happy birthday by my friends, and my Chemistry class sang me the happy birthday song, making me blush. I put my foot down when my Biology class attempted to sing again though!

My lovely sisters gave me my presents when I woke up this morning, but being 18 doesn’t change the fact that I get up late enough to leave me just enough time to roll out of bed and out of the door πŸ˜€

Being 18 does change a few things though:

I can vote in local and general elections (as reminded by my MP in her birthday letter)

I can stand for election as a MP, local councillor or Mayor (Can you imagine what a better place the world would be if I was a MP? Me neither…)

I can serve on a jury, be tried in a magistrates court, and go to jail if I’m found guilty

I can make a will

I can get married without parental permission (Please. With my parents, this law is useless for me)

I can view, rent or buy an 18 rated film (or porn. I’m just saying)

I can buy fireworks

I can place a bet in a casino/betting shop

I can buy cigarettes

I can open my own bank account

I can buy alcohol (I hate the stuff anyway, so…)

I can pawn stuff in a pawn shop

I can get a tattoo

I can drive lorries up to 7.5 tonnes

I can buy knives

The thing is though, I don’t want to grow up! I went on Neopets today for old times’ sake, and also because they have this cool thing where they change the banner to a birthday banner on your birthday.


When I went on Facebook, a pop up appeared telling me what’s changed. I have to admit, I’m not entirely sure how the changes affect me.


Anyway, happy birthday to me! (And have a slice of cake in my honour :D)


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