Day 281 The Talk

No, not THAT talk. I never did have the birds and bees talk with my parents. Everything I learned was from giggly PSHCE lessons in Year 6 and Year 7.

No, this talk I’m talking about is the uni talk. I’ve spent days avoiding the subject, but now that my deadline’s coming up (next week!), I’ve been forced to discuss my uni options with my parents. Plus my mother felt hurt that I hadn’t even brought up the subject yet, so there was that as well.

I don’t know why I was so reluctant to talk to my mother about it. She’s my mother, for God’s sake! She was incredibly supportive, and helped me to properly figure out how I want to get into medicine (I’ve chosen to do biomed, then grad med, in case you’re wondering). The talk made me realise that my mother may sometimes make me sulk, pout, and irritated, but she can also make me laugh, learn, and love her to bits.


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