Day 282 Venting

Just a little warning that this post is basically me venting, so that I don’t have all this pent-up frustration building up inside me.

I have a biology and chemistry test tomorrow, and I am afraid. I know it sound silly. I’m just disappointed that I haven’t learnt from last year, because I’ve been promising myself that I’ll work harder, so much harder, this year, and so far, those promises have been unfulfilled.

I was told off for doing something that I hadn’t even done. Need I say more?

I actually studied in my free periods today, but I made the mistake of offering to help another student with their English essay. As soon as that started, I pretty much had a queue of students needing help. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind helping other people, but I really needed to do my own work so it wouldn’t start piling up again.

That’s pretty much it, I think.

Oh wait, there’s one more. Hey Starbucks, come up with your own doughnut hybrid thingy. Bea’s of Bloomsbury made duffins first!


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