Day 283 People Watching

From my seat at the back of the study room, I can pretty much see everything that’s going on.

Approximately two people are studying, making use of their notes, textbooks, and laptops.

Fifteen people are pretending to study, throwing words like “respiration”, “blood vessels”, and “pyruvate” around. It’s not fooling anyone, but do they care? Not in a million years.

Six people are discussing the chemistry test that we just had, sighing in frustration as they crowd around a single textbook.

Three (separate) people are staring at their textbooks, not seeing the words.

One person is listening to music, clutching a textbook and staring into space, occasionally nodding along to the song.

As the clock ticks closer to break time, the noise level rises accordingly.

And one person (that would be me) is sitting at the back, pretending to type up biology notes, when really she’s blogging about everyone else in the room.


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