Day 290 Girl Meets Cake

Recipe for a Really Sweet Book


A main character who has a quirky obsession with a fictional detective AKA Heidi

Lots of mysterious mystery

A mystery boy who emails the main character

A good writer AKA Susie Day

Cake (Okay, this isn’t actually a necessary ingredient. Just go with it, okay?)


Mix together the Heidi, the mysterious mystery, and the mystery boy

Use the good writer as a binding agent

Mix well, leave to set

Enjoy, eating cake to make the experience seriously good

I’ve read this book before, but it was so long ago, that when I read it again, it felt really fresh. Heidi, like I said, has an obsession with fictional detective Mycroft Christie, and waitresses at a bakery cafe. When all of her friends find love, she makes up Gingerbread Ed, her fantasy boyfriend who’s based on a gingerbread man. The story’s funny, and made me cringe at Heidi’s awkwardness. As she gets caught up in her own little Ed world, her friends also begin talking to ‘Ed’ online. I guess this is Day’s way of warning us that online strangers might not be who they say they are. I loved how it all came together in the end though, and it made me wish that I worked in a cake shop (though I’d probably end up eating all the stock), and went to a boarding school. All that’s left for me to say is that the book is:







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