Day 317 Nail Polish Remover Mishap

I think I’ve just discovered a new (and totally stupid) use for nail polish remover (NPL).

My younger sister was using her bottle of NPL to clean her whiteboard. Clearly, she had nothing better to do or maybe I’m just jealous because she’s finished her homework and I’m still doing my English coursework notes. With an open bottle of NPL, and her scrubbing away at the board, an accident was bound to happen.

And it did. Her hand knocked into the NPL bottle, which made it spill, and some splashed into her eye. Yelping, she threw her glasses down onto the table, where the spillage was slowly spreading, and ran off to the bathroom. I huffed, and helped her clean up her mess (Bitter, moi?)

10 minutes after I’d cleaned everything up and gotten back to work, she tapped me on the shoulder to annoy me talk to me. I turned around and looked at her.

“Oh. My. God,” I said.

Then laughed, because sometimes I’m mean like that.

The frame of her glasses, previously tortoiseshell/black, had turned stark white.

After laughing at her some more, I attempted to salvage her glasses. A quick Google search recommended using olive oil, but I decided to try scraping it off with my nails. Luckily, it worked, and I handed the glasses back to my now subdued sister.

“Don’t tell Mum, okay?” she asked.


She told me not to tell Mum. She didn’t say not to share it with you guys 😉

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