Day 325 The Art of Cramming

As a Year 13 student, I’m pretty confident by now that the only method that will guarantee good results is proper revision spread out over a long period of time. But if you’re like me, you won’t always have the time (or drive) to properly revise for in-class tests. This is when cramming comes in slightly handy. I had two tests today, one for chemistry and one for biology. To revise for these tests, I tried cramming last night. For chemistry, I slowly made notes from my textbook. For biology, I made notes from my notes. After both of the tests, I felt that my biology went so much better.

I think that cramming, while not effective for the long-term, can be useful if you have a test the next day and you’re kind of desperate. I also think that there’s a ‘proper’ way to cram: write out short quick notes. Staring at your textbook, I know from experience, definitely doesn’t work. All it does is give you a fuzzy memory of that one page you really wish you’d memorised while you’re taking the test.

Talking of tests, I have a maths test tomorrow. Oops…


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