Day 330 Brian Griffin

I’m pretty sure you’ve all heard by now, but in case you haven’t, Brian Griffin, from Family Guy (one of my favourite shows) was killed off on Sunday’s episode.

I’ll give you a moment to grab yourself a tissue to wipe up those tears I see welling up in your eyes…

All done? Great. Brain appeared in the very first episode “Death Has a Shadow”, along with the rest of the Griffin family. Many of the episodes revolved around Stewie and Brian, who have a particularly close relationship. It’s pretty sad to think that that’s all gone now, and that Brian’s been replaced by Vinny, the Griffins’ new dog. It also made me slightly mad that we as viewers weren’t given a chance to mourn Brian’s death, since he was replaced so quickly.

I’m secretly hoping that this is a prank by the production team though. Please let it be a prank! If not, then I guess that all that’s left for me to say is, “Rest in peace, Brian!”


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