Day 341 Christmas 2013 at Harrods (Knightsbridge)

DSCN7284 DSCN7280

Ah, Harrods. I wandered into the world’s most famous department store, and was mesmerised (good word, Yen! *pats self on back*) by pretty much everything. Toy Kingdom was such a dream, and the sales assistants were amazingly enthusiastic (Okay, that might have been their job description, but their constant upbeat-ness was still impressive). The entire store was massive, and with my lack of sense of direction, I managed to walk around in circles until I found the stationery department. Here, I drooled (not literally. I can act normally in public) over the Moleskine department, where I may or may not have purchased a certain notebook mentioned here. What impressed me most of all was the Christmassy feeling I immediately got when I saw Harrods. My favourite window display was the first picture, the one where the mannequin donning a pink dress sits at a table, on which is food (my all time favourite thing in the world!)



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