Day 350 Christmas 2013 at South Bank Centre Christmas Market

One of my favourite London Christmas markets has to be the one at South Bank. It’s just so gorgeous, with those faux German chalet-style stalls. I remember buying snowglobes and Russian dolls there last year, and this year didn’t fail to impress again. I love the smell of the food stalls, and seeing the sparkly decorations for sale.


There was this really cool snowglobe display, with a Christmas tree inside. What I really liked about it was that it was interactive, so visitors could make the ‘snow’ inside move by pedalling on the fixed bicycles around it.


I felt that the strings of Christmas lights were a nice touch, but didn’t obstruct the view of the river too much.


There was an adorable house with steam/smoke coming out of the chimney, which made it seem like a real playhouse house, if you see what I mean.


Look how packed the place was!


This reminded me of Edward Scissorhands, where he sculpts the plants with his scissor hands.


I saw this jolly looking guy on my way to the market, and just had to snap a picture of him 🙂


This was (and still is!) my favourite fairground ride when I was little. I can see why my parents sighed every time I clamoured to go on one though!



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