Day 365 New Year’s Eve 2013

So I guess that’s it then. It’s the end of 2013, and I’ve completed my blog 365 project. But do I want really want to end it here?

It’s been so much fun, albeit VERY time-consuming. Time that I used to spend playing Bomb It and Bubble Trouble, I now spend thinking about my blog and running around London for said blog. I think my blogging style has changed since my very first post, but I have to admit that I haven’t really found what this blog is all about yet. You know, like some blogs are all about food (I can’t don’t cook enough food to make this a food blog), crafts (I left my creativity back in 2010, along with art lessons at school), or their family (I’m selfish. Enough said! :))

It’ll be interesting to see where this blog heads in 2014, and whether I’ll be motivated enough to continue blogging, or if I’ll drop it, just like my violin lessons when I was little. Although to be fair, my violin teacher left me, which I think says something about my violining potential. 😀

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