Day 375 Friday Lust List: Forever Plaid (Check Skirts)

I recently came across some old photos of my mother, and in one of them, she was wearing a red check dress that looked so pretty. It reminded me of my faux punk phase when I was 9, when I would insist on wearing my pink tartan miniskirt every other day. My beloved skirt is now probably languishing in the back of my younger sister’s wardrobe, who inherited the skirt when my legs grew longer. It’s a shame my legs stopped growing, so I could be a bit taller than 160cm.

The images of the check skirts below belong to Alice + Olivia, Balenciaga, Karl Lagerfeld, Topshop, and Urban Outfitters respectively.


Alice + Olivia Tartan Skirt £211.80


Balenciaga Abstract Check Silk Miniskirt £1045.00


Karl Lagerfeld Veronica Tartan Wool Mini Skirt £200.00


Topshop Red Pleated Tartan Kilt £38.00


Urban Outfitters Vintage O&O Tartan Button Skirt £35.00

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