Day 384 Ponytail Problems

I put my hair into a ponytail all the time a lot, because a) it’s long, and it annoys me when it’s around my face for longer than half an hour, and b) I’m too lazy to do anything else. I stick it in a bun sometimes, but it does that stupid thing where a little bit sticks out. My favourite style of bun is the ballerina bun; unfortunately, I can’t get my hair to be neat and pretty.

So it’s back to the ponytail I go. Except for one little problem: that stupid stupid bump underneath the ponytail that won’t be neat.

Look how happy she looks. Okay, fine, she doesn’t look happy, but I bet she’s happy on the inside because her hair looks perfect.

I’ve tried tricking (yes, tricking) my own hair into doing that. I’ve tried doing my hair upside down, twisting my arm to get it right, using my other hand to smooth it down… All of these “tricks” worked once and once only.

Has anyone got any tips for me? I feel like the bump is making me obsessive and just a little bit crazy. 😦


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