Day 385 Blue Monday? More Like Bad Start Monday…

According to scientists (hired by Sky Travel to make people want to book holidays, but let’s ignore that bit for now), today is the most depressing day of the year. 

If I may say so, this is totally rubbish. You can’t just be sad because of a silly date (as in the day, not a romantic date kind of date. It’s okay to be a bit sad if your date (person or the event itself) was silly, and you didn’t want them/it to be. But I digress). However, you can be sad if your day got off to a very rubbish start.

Thanks to a mix-up, I thought today was a late start at school, so I happily watched Mike The Knight (with my little sister, because I totally still don’t watch kids’ shows at the grand old age of 18) before heading off. The first two buses went by without stopping, which should’ve been the first sign of my bad start. When I got to school, it turned out that I had gotten the dates wrong, and was told off for being late. I tried to explain, and rambled on and on until the attendance lady got bored and sent me to my head of year. She’s normally lovely when you haven’t done anything wrong; she did her scary eye thing where she stares at you, to the point where I couldn’t help but quickly apologise and run away walk away quickly. 

Then came a talk about student finances. Back in the good old days, tuition fees were a maximum of £3000 per year, with no interest on the loans; now most places charge £9000 per year, with interest at the rate of inflation on the loan. Hearing this made me mentally cross off all those imaginary university parties and spending I had imagined. 

On the other hand, with such a bad start, my day could only get better. I spent the whole of chemistry actually understanding the content, and thus learning it quickly for once. Biology was cancelled, so I had frees in the afternoon, and spent it writing up my English notes and a very happy hour on Google Street View

So I think it just goes to show that a bad start doesn’t always equal a bad day. And ignore Blue Monday. It’s nonsensical 🙂


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