Day 386 Sinking Feelings

You know that awful feeling you get when you know you haven’t done something that you should have done by now? Yup, that’s me right now.

I have an English essay due on Thursday, set last Thursday, and how far have I gotten? Nowhere. Actually, I lie, there’s the beginning of the introduction which my best friend, who has pretty much written all of hers, helped me with. And there’s the title. And the date.

I just can’t deal with essays any more 😦

When I chose to do English over Physics, it was because I loved it. I knew there were essays to write. I even expected to have t write an essay every week. I think I forgot how much I hated writing essays…

And then there’s the birthday non-surprise waiting to happen. I ordered some stuff from Jack Wills to be collected in store, because I didn’t want my sister to know. I checked, and checked again to make sure that everything was correct before I clicked confirm. And guess where it’s going to be delivered? Yep, my house. Which kinda ruins the whole surprise present thing I had planned out, don’t you think?

This. This is going to happen all because Jack Wills messed up for me. 😡


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