A Blogging Hiatus

My lovely readers,

As much as I hate to admit, blogging takes up way too much a lot of my spare time (and sometimes my study time as well!).

So I’ll be taking a blogging hiatus. It won’t be forever, probably just for the next 6 months or so, because I really need to concentrate on schoolwork. It’s my final year before university, and to get into university, I need good grades. To get good grades… I think you get my point by now!

I’ve been in two minds about taking a blogging hiatus. On the one hand, I’ve loved blogging, and writing about stuff I like. I’ve loved doing Friday Lust Lists. I’ve loved sharing my attempts at making food. On the other hand, some days I struggle to think of anything interesting to write about. Sometimes I find myself racking my brains about my blog, instead of racking my brains about Biology.

I had wondered about maybe just posting from time to time, but I think the best way is to go cold turkey. Deep down, I know that if I don’t, I’ll just feel guilty about not posting enough, and go back to daily posts.

If you don’t hate me for doing this, check back at the end of June or sometime in July, when I’ll be back to say, “I miss you guys so much!”

Thank you for your support over the past year and a bit, and I hope to be back after my exams are over.

Love, Yen



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