Quick Update

Hey guys, I’m so sorry about not updating this blog. I’ve just been so busy, like training for my new part time job, and having relatives over to stay, and visiting and being visited by my parents’ friends. I’ll be pretty much swamped by work, since we’re starting properly next week, and I’ll be working night shifts. I kind of already miss laying around the house doing nothing, but I think it’ll be exciting doing grown up stuff like working. I met the people I’ll be working with yesterday, and I definitely get on with all of them. The main thing I worried about before starting was whether I’d get on with the people I’ll be working alongside, and it’s so great to know that work will be something to look forward to.

I’m not sure when I’ll have time to update again, but I’ll definitely let you all know how Results Day is for me. Hopefully, I’ll get the grades that I’m wishing for!


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