University: The First Month

Firstly, can I just say a massive SORRY!! for neglecting this blog. I haven’t forgotten you guys, and I love you all so much.

Why haven’t I been updating? Well, I’d say it’s 90% down to university, and getting used to the workload. It’s the 5th week of university, and today’s been the first day where I haven’t had to go into uni. I’m also very behind on lecture notes. Everyone’s been saying how it’s fine to be behind; it’s most definitely NOT fine when I’m still working on my 1st week lecture notes in my 5th week. Having said that, I’ve finished my essay prep for my first timed essay on Monday *pats self on back*

I’ve managed to make a few friends, but it’s been difficult. People who live in halls had already formed their own little groups by the end of the first week. I forced myself to muster up what little courage I had in the second week, and talked to a girl on the way out of a lecture. My old group at school are a social bunch, and haven’t had any trouble making friends (plus they live in halls). I thought people at uni would be more friendly, especially in the first few weeks, but it’s hard when you’re an introvert to go up to people and say hi. It’s even harder when they choose to ignore you instead of replying (this happened to me last night, my ego’s still a bit bruised 😦 ) I’ve joined one society to date, and been to two socials. I’m not saying I would have gone to a lot more parties if I’d moved out, because I’m not particularly a party person, but it would have been easier not having to ask parental permission, or having an unspoken curfew.

I think that’s pretty much it for this time. I’m sorry it’s been a bit gloomy, but I wanted to let you guys know how I was getting on. Hopefully, I’ll have happier things to say next time I update, like “I’ve caught up with lecture notes”, and “Parties are the best things ever!”

P.S. I can’t see that last bit about parties happening, but never say never!


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