A Quick Hello

Not entirely sure if anyone’s still reading this blog, but hello! to old friends, and welcome to the new 🙂

The first semester of university was… hard. Trying to find the motivation to write up lecture notes was difficult, and it seemed to me as though once you fell behind, that was it: you were left on your own to play catch up. Of course, it isn’t really like that. I have a lovely tutor who’s always optimistic, no matter what I throw at him. He’s there to help, but it’s hard for me to swallow my pride and actually ask for help. It’s probably partly why I didn’t do so well in my January exams, plus I worked so much over the Christmas break (big mistake).

But! It’s not all sadness and doom in my world. I made some lovely friends last semester, and met some more amazing people through said lovely friends. I’m still trying to catch up on lecture notes (curse you, rediscovered love of Korean dramas), but I think it’ll be more manageable this semester, provided I don’t start people watching in the library again. Plus I’m seeing my best friend on Valentine’s Day, which’ll be great.

Wish me luck for my upcoming presentation and timed essay! I’ll be back to blogging properly before you know it


P.S. Parties still aren’t a thing for me


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