A Fresh Start

3 days ago, on A Level Results Day, which is arguably the most important day of my academic year, I got home at 2 in the morning after work. Considering the fact that I can sleep through 5 alarm clocks, this was probably a stupid idea.

I woke up when my older sister asked, “Hey, what time are you going in to get your results?”

“Eight…,” I replied, and closed my eyes.

“It’s eight thirty,” she said.

Eyes flying open, and in a state of panic, I fell out of bed, and checked my phone. My best friend had called three times, and I had been too busy sleeping to answer. I called her, and asked if she could pick up my results for me. When I heard that she had already left school, I panicked even more, until she reminded me to check UCAS first. I would have preferred to have my results first, but it was too late for that, so I shakily booted up my laptop and logged in.


I screamed out of sheer joy, and started crying. My parents and sisters were so excited for me, and my best friend, who was still on the phone with me, congratulated me. The journey to pick up my results was so strange. I was elated, yet wanted to cry. I also wanted to kick myself for not waking up on time. When I saw my friend coming out of school, I started crying again, which worried him, until I told him my good news.

The whole day after that became a blur of calling and texting friends to find out how they did. The worst bit about that day was reassuring disappointed friends, and talking through their options. The most important thing was to make sure they were okay, and I think I managed to do that.

I can’t wait for September. It will definitely be scary, and it hasn’t sunk in just yet that I will be a university student, but new friends and new experiences await me.

It’s going to be so fun!


Day 359 Christmas 2013 at Selfridges & Co. (London)

Merry Christmas, my beautiful readers! So far, I’ve managed to stuff myself with copious clementines, though I haven’t had any chocolate yet. Before you all congratulate me on my willpower, I think the lack of chocolate is because my mother decided to replace it all with fruit. If I hunt hard enough though, I think I have a lone out of date bar of chocolate somewhere in my room.

Also, we don’t do Christmas dinner the normal way, with turkey and all that. No, I’m looking forward to having hot pot later. Hot pot’s a simmering metal pot of stock in the middle of the dining table, and it’s one of my favourite meals because nobody notices how much I eat 😀

Talking of Christmas dinner, my little sister learned a song called “Christmas Dinner” to the tune of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” for her recent nativity play, and it’s such a sweet song:

Christmas dinner, I can’t wait

Lots of great food on my plate

Stuffing, potatoes, gravy

Vegetables and hot turkey

Christmas dinner, I can’t wait

Lots of great food on my plate

Okay, enough rambling about Christmas dinner! One of my favourite Christmas displays is the one at Selfridges & Co. It’s such a great place, just because of the atmosphere, which makes me smile every single time I go there. Their window displays are so cute, with all the little people surrounding each oversized product.


Imagine all the awesome music you could listen to with this pair of giant Beats by Dre headphones (£169.99)!


I think I’d wear these Charlotte Olympia Gold Glitter Kitty Velvet Slippers (sadly out of stock) 24/7 if I could.



Day 358 Christmas 2013 at Natural History Museum Ice Rink


One of my favourite things about Christmas is the ice rinks that pop up around London. The Natural History Museum Ice Rink is gorgeous, and is next to a fair that looks beautiful when it’s dark. For a 50 minute session on an 1000 square metre rink, I’d say £13.50 per adult is a pretty good price, plus it’s right next to the museums, so you can have a proper day out.

Tickets can be booked here until 5 January 2014.

Day 356 Christmas 2013 at Carnaby Street (London)


One animal that is definitely makes me think of Christmas, whether it likes it or not, is the robin. Back in the days where I would spend hours writing out Christmas cards, there would always be at least one card with a glittery robin sitting atop a snow covered red postbox. I think the flurry of robins overlooking Carnaby Street are so cute, and what’s even better is that they’re guaranteed not to poop on you! 😀