Last Day of August


When I look back, and think about summer, it’s amazing when I realise how much I’ve changed.

Previous summers involved doing nothing and lazing around the house all day, and the start of term always crept up stealthily, giving me an unpleasant surprise. This year’s been different, mainly because it’s been so long. My summer break began at the end of June, after my last A2 exam. That was a difficult time; I was exhausted from studying, yet it hadn’t sunk in properly. I think I’ve mentioned before how I felt totally lost for about 2 weeks after exams. Without revision sessions, my days felt pointless. There were days when I felt like crying out of frustration, because I didn’t know what to do with myself.

I tried to keep myself busy, babysitting every couple of days, and hanging out with friends, which made me feel rebellious (Studying of exams was intense, okay? It was like all day every day studying). When I babysat, I watched TV and films after the children had been sent to bed, instead of poring over revision guides.

So I guess July was the Month of Babysitting and Hanging Out. What about August? Well, I heard on the last day of June that I got the job that I applied for at the start of June. 😀 I realised that if I left looking for a summer job until after exams, I probably wouldn’t get one until the end of summer. Training for the job took place over the end of July/start of August, and I started properly on the 4th of August.

August was definitely the Month of Working. I had a couple of morning/day shifts, but I was essentially given mainly night shifts, finishing at midnight or one in the morning. Life became a blur of working, eating and sleeping. The only respite I had from working was results day, where I took the day off to celebrate with friends.

This summer, I feel like I’ve grown up a lot. Not physically, I’m still 5’3″. But with university life just about to begin, and working in my first real job, it’s finally sunk in that I’m going to be a proper grown up soon. It’s a scary thought, but I know I’ll get there.


Friday Lust List: Flat Sandals

Now that it feels like summer, it’s time to bring out the sandals! I would have brought mine out already, except for one little problem: my mother threw them out by accident. They were perfect for me: light brown (which went with everything I wore), flat (therefore comfortable), and cheap (I got them for £5 in the sales). So if anyone sees sandals like the Angel Leather Open Toe Buckle Sandals from Marks and Spencer anywhere (picture below for reference), feel free to contact me.


I’m trying to move on from those sandals though (sob), which is why I spent the entire morning looking at flat, open toed (I hate the feeling of toe posts) sandals.

The images of the sandals below belong to Accessorize, Dorothy Perkins, New Look, Topshop, and Zara respectively.


Accessorize Leather City Sandals £25.00


Dorothy Perkins Coral Peep Toe Strap Sandals £20.00


New Look Brown 2 Part Gladiator Sandals £14.99 (from£19.99)


Topshop Harley Cut Out 2Part Sandals £22.00


Zara Flat Sandal with Ankle Strap in Sea Green £9.99 (from £25.99)

I’m Back!

It’s been 6 months and 5 days since I last blogged, but I can now safely say that exams are over, I have free time on my hands, so I’m back to blogging!

It’s been a tough 6 months. When my Head of Sixth Form said, “Revision is a long and lonely process”, I scoffed inwardly, thinking back to my GCSE revision days. I now know that revision IS long, and it can be lonely. I spent study leave shut up in my room, surrounded by past papers and folders. Very early starts became normal (thank God for having a sister who possesses the ability to wake me up at 4am. There was one time before my final Biology exam when she woke me up at 3am.), and friends who finished 3 whole weeks before me learned not to gloat in my presence.

Now that it’s all over, I don’t really know what to do with myself. Getting up late makes me feel guilty, as does wandering around the house aimlessly or watching TV. I feel like I don’t have a sense of direction anymore, like I’m not really sure what to do with myself. I’m trying to get a summer job, so that a) I can save up for university, and b) I have something to do over summer.

I have gotten my room back though. I spent the whole of Wednesday sorting through folders and folders of work, putting papers into piles and occasionally thinking about the number of trees that were felled in order to supply me with so much paper.  I did finally finish the sorting, and have got my room back. My sister, however, wasn’t so lucky; I ended up putting the bagged papers in her room because I couldn’t bring myself to throw them away yet.


I’m still thinking of ways to spend my summer. Do you have any suggestions, or do you feel just as lost as I do? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

Day 172 Friday Lust List: Tropical

Happy first day of summer! It’s officially summer, even if the weather says otherwise. Embrace summer by wearing something bright and tropical!

The pictures of the clothes below belong to Awear, Topshop, Monsoon, Mango and Oasis respectively.


Awear Tropical Print Racer Dress £40.00


Topshop Tropical Number Skater Dress £30.00


Monsoon Parrot Print Dress £89.00


Mango Tropical Print Dress £29.99 (was£49.99)


Oasis Tropical Bird Print T-Shirt £25.00